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Fulfilled state-of-the-art equipment further expands potential
of technology and allows for response to a wide variety of
orders including product types and product volume.

State-of-the-art machine equipment including NC lathes, machining centers and laser

processing machines are introduced into the factory.

30 NC machines are connected via LAN in the factory, and information is unified with the Production Engineering Office.

Main equipment

OMega 60(CNC Turning)
HCN6800(Horizontal Machining Center)
VARI I-500(5-Axis Machining Center)
BO206-Ⅱ(CNC Automatic Lathe)
B&NLX2500MC(CNC Lathe)
CRYSTA APEX S574(3D-Measuerment Machine)
DL65(CNC/Manual Lathe)