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We manufacture high precision components for diverse fields including stuffing boxes, combining the skill of experts and state-of-the-art machine equipment.

KOTOURA MANUFACTURING CORPORATION combines the evolution of machines and systems to expand potential and people skills obtained only through finely tuned intuition and years of experience at a higher dimension. KOTOURA MANUFACTURING CORPORATION has established an excellent reputation manufacturing main components of large-sized diesel engines and stuffing boxes for ships. With this technical ability as a backdrop, we continue to expand our areas of activity to mechanical components across various fields.

Stuffing box

A device to seal the long piston rod that connects pistons and connecting rods, which is a feature of cross-head type two-cycle engines.

UEC6OLSII packing box
B&W 50MC HECO scraper ring
UEC 45LSE packing box
UEC 45LSE scraper ring
B&W stuffing box housing
B&W 35MC scraper ring
B&W 35MCStuffing Box Assy
B&W 42MCStuffing Box Assy
B&W 46MC-CStuffing Box Assy
B&W 50MCStuffing Box Assy
UEC60LS IIStuffing Box
UEC52LAStuffing Box
SULZER RTA58-TStuffing Box Assy
SULZER RTA48-TStuffing Box Assy
SULZER RTA96CStuffing Box Assy
SULZER RTA96-CStuffing Box Assy
SULZERStuffing Ring