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Total management from order to delivery.
Determining needs and passing reliable quality from hand to hand.

At KOTOURA MANUFACTURING CORPORATION, we manufacture and develop various industrial machinery components which require extremely high-precision technology and development proposals including stuffing boxes for ships. For this reason, based on the development of human resources and factory improvements, we are advancing individual capacity to the capacity of each department and the capacity of each department to the entire company network, and pursue technologies and services that can truly be called the “only one” with an advanced total system.


Operation Department

In charge of various arrangements according to orders from customers. Respond to orders with secure delivery time management in close cooperation with each department in the company.

Production Engineering Office

Establishes the optimum programs, from the designs of jigs and tools, plans for machining processes to development proposals, by fully using CAD and CAM as a control tower for manufacturing.

Manufacturing Department

Builds up excellent technological power and state-of-the-art facility environment as the essence of product manufacturing. This allows us to respond even to high-level demand with excellent quality.

Quality Assurance Office

For customers, product quality is the standard for reliability. An integrated inspection and management system from materials to the finished products is prepared, strictly observing at all times.


Production Engineering Office

We breathe life into a drawing with rich technical ability and creativity,
handling an advanced network system.

Not only precise programming based on customer drawing data, but also flexibly responding to even design proposal requests by taking advantage of rich technologies and creative ideas. Improving factory IT networks, such as CAD/CAM systems, and responding to manufacturing from mass production to diverse low-volume production with high-precision and speed, and highly efficient performance.

CAD software

YJig and tool design and NC programs are created in You-CAD and other software. The created NC data is stored in a data server. In addition, MASTER CAM is newly introduced, and establishment of a three-dimensional CAD/CAM is promoted. Since the data server is linked with each NC machines in the factory, the data can be shared and used through the network.

Three-dimensional CAM

Operation of MASTER CAM is promoted, and accurate instructions are transmitted to each device in the factory and manufacturing staff. Sophisticated and stable machining is realized.

Factory network

Program room
NC data server

Jig and tool design



Laser CAD




Master CAM

NC machine network in the factory